BBQ Buying Guide

Ah, the barbecue: one of the great Australian institutions. Offering delicious, healthy food .as well as providing a great place to stand around with a beer and pretend to be busy.

At Appliances Online we have a wide range of BBQs offering everything from portable options through to plus-sized models which will get you cooking on a grand scale.

This buyer's guide is designed to help you find the perfect BBQ to suit your taste, needs and budget.

What have we got?

Things to consider when shopping for your vacuum

Now you’re familiar with the three main types of vacuum cleaner, it’s time to think about the makeup and character of your home. - Does anyone in your home suffer allergies or feel sensitive to dust?

- Do you have pets that shed hair around your home?

- Would you prefer a bagged or bagless vacuum?

- Is your home dominated by carpet or hard floors? Or is there an even distribution of both?

- Is one vacuum enough for your needs? Or do you need an additional cleaning device for more convenience? 

TV & Audio Buying Guides

Welcome to the Appliances Online AV Buyer’s Guides.

Why are these here? ‘Cos, we understand: the world of Audio Visual entertainment is a pretty complex, bewildering maelstrom of buzz-words and assumed knowledge. Oh, and the fact it’s developing like a runaway train isn’t helping!

Don’t worry. These guides are beautifully straightforward things of truth and wisdom. They also come with pretty pictures.

So, if you’re not sure about the difference between a LCD/LED and Plasma – and mystified as to which one will suit you best, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ditto, if you’re wondering if you should take the plunge and invest in Blu-ray home entertainment and want to learn about its revolutionary capabilities. We’ll also throw you into new immersive thrills with our in-depth guide to 3D and cover the basics of how to set up your home entertainment system.

And if you don’t know what a PVR is – and are unaware of their awesome capabilities, then we’ll give you the low-down on them too. You’ll discover how they can enable you to record two programs playing on two channels simultaneously, as well as connect to the internet …and more!

A good heater will be your best-friend during the winter months (with your doona as a possible close second).

Appliances Online provides a wealth of great quality heating choices. Here's our guide to determining which one will become your soul mate.

Back to Basics

As with a lot of things, the definition of the "perfect" heater is dependent on your circumstances.

By way of example: if you are looking to heat up a large space over a long period of time, then you probably should invest in a powerful and efficient heater - such as a flued gas heater - which, while comparatively expensive to install in the short-term, will be cheaper in the long run.

..Or if you are looking for quick heat-ups in a relatively confined space - say, to heat up the bedroom after you step out of the shower and are dressing for work - then an electric heater with a fan-forced capability will be just peachy.

What type of dishwasher do I need?

There are a few options, and what you’ll see below is a simplified look at the different dishwasher types. From these options you’ll be able to find the type that will suit your needs best.

Underbench Dishwashers

Designed to be built-in under your bench, underbench dishwashers are only made to go under benches and they typically do not come with sides or a top; meaning they will have exposed internals that will be covered by your benchtop and cabinetry.

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